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The Mystery of Edwin Drood

By Rupert Holmes

Directed by Laura W. Andruski
Music Direction by Omar Latiri
Choreography by Valerie Mikles
Produced by Teri Klein Allred

Based on Charles Dickens’ final unfinished novel, this hilarious whodunit invites the audience to solve the mystery by choosing the identity of the murderer.  The tale is presented as a show-within-a show, as the Music Hall Royale – a delightfully loony Victorian theatre company – presents Dickens’ brooding mystery.  Musical numbers include “Perfect Strangers,” “Don’t Quit While You’re Ahead,” “Off to the Races” and “Moonfall”.


Edwin Drood/Miss Alice Nutting/Datchery – Female, 25-45ish Soprano (B3-E5): Prima donna and London’s leading male impersonator, charming but, as you might expect, has determination and a lot of ego. Must command the stage. As Edwin Drood, she is an attractive, rich, and popular young man who has everything. The victim. Note: Plays Datchery up until the voting.

Mr. William Cartwright, Chairman/Mayor Thomas Sapsea – Male or Female, 40+, Alto or Baritone (D3-F#4/G flat4): The leader of the music hall troupe. The Chairperson carries the majority of the dialogue and must be quick with a joke and able to improvise. S/he is in charge of keeping the pace of the show moving. Unexpectedly fills in as the Mayor character in Drood when another actor fails to show up. Sapsea – A Lover Candidate.

John Jasper/Mr. Clive Paget – Male, 35-50ish, Tenor/Baritone (A2-A4): The Royale’s male lead, a devilishly attractive cad, and he knows it. In Drood, he is the baddie. Choirmaster of Cloisterham Cathedral and uncle of Edwin Drood. In love with Rosa Bud. Madness lurks beneath his smooth exterior. Strictly speaking, a suspect, but he didn’t do it. A Murder Suspect and A Lover Candidate.

Reverend Crisparkle/Mr. Cedric Moncrieffe – Male, Tenor (C3-G4): This troupe member is a bit of an open book who plays the archetypal vicar. He is also a bit of a lurker and was in love with Rosa’s mother. A suspect. Must be significantly older than Rosa. Strong ensemble singer. May also play other roles. A Murder Suspect, A Datchery Candidate and A Lover Candidate.

Princess Puffer/Miss Angela Prysock – Female, 50+, Alto (F3-D5): Angela has been a favorite of London audiences forever, a staple of the stage. As the mysterious Princess Puffer, Madam, opium dealer and general purveyor of vice of all kinds, she is glamorous in her ruin. A suspect. – must have a big chest voice and lots of rapport with the audience. A Murder Suspect and A Lover Candidate.

Neville Landless/Mr. Victor Grinstead – Male, 25-50is, Baritone (C3-G4): Victor is enjoying his premier performance with the Music Hall Royale. His character, Neville, is Helena’s brother and suffers from the same “geographically untraceable” approximation of an East Asian accent. Falls for Rosa Bud, falls out with Edwin, and is therefore another suspect in the murder. Very passionate and often angry. Strong ensemble singer may also play other roles. A Murder Suspect, A Datchery Candidate and A Lover Candidate.

Helena Landless/Miss Janet Conover – Female, 25-50ish, Mezzo Soprano (G3-D5): Janet is a long-standing member of the acting troupe, asked to play the mysterious Helena Landless who hails from a mysterious foreign colony not unlike India. Will need to switch between her British accent and a “geographically untraceable” approximation of an East Asian accent. Another suspect. Strong ensemble singer, May also play other roles. A Murder Suspect, A Datchery Candidate and A Lover Candidate.

Rosa Bud/Miss Deirdre Peregrine – Female, 18-30ish, Soprano (A3-B5): The not-so- innocent ingenue of the Music Hall Royale, Deirdre portrays the love interest of Drood, the young, beautiful and apparently fragile Rosa Bud. She is betrothed to Edwin Drood, the only man who isn’t in love with her. A suspect in his murder. A Murder Suspect, A Datchery Candidate and A Lover Candidate.

Bazzard/Mr. Phillip Bax – Male, any age 18+, Baritone (D#4/E flat4): Devotee of the theatre, the everlasting understudy, who finally gets his moment. May have quite a major part if the evening turns out that way. A sad sort of clown. In his role as Bazzard, he is often an audience favorite. Very capable of stealing the whole show. May also play other roles. A Murder Suspect, A Datchery Candidate and A Lover Candidate.

Durdles/Mr. Nick Cricker – Male, over age 35, Tenor/Baritone (B2-F4): “Clown Prince of the Royale” who makes the most of every line and plays the drunkard sexton in Drood. Gets to announce the murderer (maybe?). May also play other roles. A Murder Suspect and A Lover Candidate.

Deputy/doubles as Master Nick Cricker, 18-30ish: Boy or girl, any age, younger than Cricker, Sr. As the Deputy, lowest in the pecking order, and very funny. A Lover Candidate.

Citizens of Cloisterham:
Miss Isobel Yearsley
Miss Violet Balfour
Miss Florence Gill
Miss Sarah Cook
Miss Gwendolen Pynn
Mr. Alan Eliot
Mr. Harry Sayle
Mr. Nicholas Michael
Mr. Montague Pruitt
Mr. Christopher Lyon

This Mystery of Edwin Drood is presented by special arrangement with Tams-Witmark, A Concord Theatricals Company [].