The Little Mermaid: A Family Pantomime

Matthew Mills/ July 20, 2023/ Uncategorized

Written by Warren McWilliams
Produced by Colleen Darling
Directed by Emilia O’Connor
Asst. Directed by Sara Cath

“The Little Mermaid: A Family Pantomime”, is a delightful retelling of the beloved fairy tale, filled with enchantment, humor, and plenty of underwater adventure.

A courageous and curious young mermaid, Mariel, embarks on a thrilling journey to discover love, friendship, and staying afloat as part of two worlds. Guided by her faithful crabby friend, Bastian, Mariel seeks the “help” of sea witch Octavia, to capture Prince Derek’s heart. Will Mariel find true love, or will her dreams be scuttled?? Prepare to be swept away into a world beneath the waves, where dreams come true, and love knows no boundaries.

Join Mariel and company in this delightful pantomime that will leave you singing, laughing, and believing in the power of true love and the wonders that lie within us all.


  • Aubrey Tingler as Mariel
  • McKenna Kelly as Octavia
  • Andrew Harasty as Dame Dusty
  • Elizabeth Weiss as Captain Arrrgh
  • Ian Swank as King Triton
  • Zachary Singer as Prince Derek
  • Brian Polk as Bastian
  • Jordyn Nicole as Corky
  • Amanda Dullin-Jones as Crusty
  • Tristian Singleton as King
  • Molly Ross as Queen/Pretty Octavia
  • ?????? as the Ghostie-Ghoulie
  • Lisa Singleton as Aqua
  • Sonia Alam as Briny
  • Lauren Pacuit as Coral
  • Lucy Hurlbut as Shell
  • Rachel Schlaff as Storm
  • Una Pereira as Sandy
  • Charlotte Leembruggen as Herald/Ensemble
  • Richard Jacobson as Dr. Pedro Love/Ensemble
  • Anneka Singer as Narrator/Ensemble
  • Aidan Swank as The Duke of Joysville/Ensemble
  • Scarlett Alam as a Duchess of Joysville
  • Iella Barr-O’Connor as a Duchess of Joysville

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