The Dresser

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The Dresser
by Ronald Harwood 

Friday, March 8th – Saturday, March 23rd, 2024

The Dresser takes place behind the scenes in a provincial theatre in Britain during the Blitz in World War II. The play gives insight to moments of the life of a dresser and the relationship between the dresser and the actor.  The audience also gets to see the “backstage” egos, tenderness, bitterness and confidences that are generally not on view. The play is poignant and sad, but laced with humor throughout, and gives us an idea of what it was like for actors who continued to play Shakespeare in the face of wartime air-raids.


Director – Chrish Kresge
Producer – Caroline Gelb
Stage Manager – Lee Zahnow

Norman – Roger Stone
Sir – Robert Leembruggen
Her Ladyship – Janet Replogle
Madge – Nicola Willis-Jones
Irene – Katie Barnett 
Oxenby/Edmund – Colin Davies
Geoffrey Thornton/Fool – Louis Pangaro
Gloucester/Albany – John Allnutt
Kent/Gentleman – Noah Eisengrein

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