The British Players invite the participation of amateur theatre groups in the annual competition, sponsored and administered by the Players each theatre season. The competition, named in memory of a former British Players director, is designed to elevate the quality of local amateur theatre and reward excellence and outstanding achievement. The competition is open to all area theatre groups fulfilling the following requirements:

  • The theatre group must have amateur status, have been established for at least 24 months and must have staged a minimum of three full-scale productions.
  • The theatre group cannot belong to, or be affiliated with, a drama school or the drama or speech department of any college or university.
  • A group may enter only one full-length production per season, which must be classified as a musical or non-musical. The competition season runs June 1 through May 31.
  • Name, place and dates of the production must be provided at least two weeks prior to opening. No entry will be accepted after the production has opened.
  • An entrant group must provide two complimentary seats for each of the four adjudicators. (a total of eight complimentary seats)
  • An entry fee of $20 must accompany the entry form. This fee helps to defray the costs of administering the competition.
  • The Administrator retains the right to disqualify any group at any time if a production is discovered to be ineligible for the competition. The group in question will be notified of the specific reason and the entry fee will be refunded.
  • The judging and tabulating of the results will be undertaken by a panel of four adjudicators specially trained and appointed from within the membership of The British Players.
  • The British Players are ineligible for the competition.

After the close of the season, an awards ceremony will be held, at which time the awards will be announced. A list of the entrants and productions will be available at the ceremony. Also, at the close of the season, a critique of the production will be sent to any competing group that requests one.

There are three Ruby Griffith Awards: All Round Production Excellence; Outstanding Achievement in a Nonmusical; and Outstanding Achievement in a Musical. In addition, certificates are awarded to the two runners-up in the musical and nonmusical categories.

The Ruby Griffith Awards Program Entry Form can now be completed online!

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