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The Dresser

by Ronald Harwood
Directed by Chrish Kresge
Produced by Caroline Gelb

The Dresser takes place behind the scenes in a provincial theatre in Britain during the Blitz in World War II. The story revolves around the eccentric and deteriorating actor, Sir, and his steadfast and loyal dresser, Norman. As the war rages on outside, the drama within the theater becomes equally intense as Sir struggles to maintain his sanity and composure. The audience also gets to see the “backstage” egos, tenderness, bitterness and confidences that are generally not on view. The play is poignant and sad, but laced with humor throughout, and gives us an idea of what it was like for actors who continued to play Shakespeare in the face of wartime air-raids

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The Little Mermaid:
A Family Pantomime

Mermaid Mariel falls in love with the handsome Prince Derek. But the evil Sea Witch Octavia wants the Prince herself so plots to use Mariel for her own wicked gain.


By Willy Russell
Directed by Noah Morowitz
Produced by John Allnutt

“Tell me it’s not true, say it’s just a story…” so begins one of the most popular British musicals ever, the show that thrilled audiences in the West End for 24 years – over 10,000 performances. A noirish tale of twin brothers separated at birth, raised on opposite sides of the tracks and doomed to follow their destiny… a spirited satire of working-class life… a haunting folk opera filled with love and desire… This is Blood Brothers.