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A British Pantomime:
Jack and the Beanstalk

Dec. 6 2024 – Jan. 11, 2025

Directed by Laura W. Andruski
Produced by Lauren Pacuit and Michelle Hessel
Music Directed by Valerie A. Higgs
Choreographed by Nancy Scales Harry

Jack Trot and his mother, Dame Trot live in a village called Merrydale. Jack is in love with King Bertram’s daughter, the lovely Princess Demelza. The village is being terrorized by the Giant who lives Up-In-The Clouds. He demands increased taxes and the hand of the Princess in marriage. In order to pay the Giant, Dame Trot and Jack are forced to sell their cow Daisy. However, Jack is tricked by Slimeball, the Giant’s henchman, who pays him in beans instead of cash; and who abducts the Princess and takes her to the Giant. Jack throws the beans away in disgust, but magically they grow into a huge beanstalk allowing him to climb up into the clouds to rescue the Princess. Will it end happily ever after?

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The 60th Anniversary Old Time Music Hall: In with the Old & IN with the New!

Directed and Music Directed by Charles Hoag
Produced by Sara Cath
Choreographed by Tia-Monet Flores & Lisa Singleton

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The Dresser

The Dresser gives insight to moments of the life of a dresser and the relationship between the dresser and the actor. The audience also gets to see the “backstage” egos, tenderness, bitterness and confidences that are generally not on view.

The Little Mermaid:
A Family Pantomime

Mermaid Mariel falls in love with the handsome Prince Derek. But the evil Sea Witch Octavia wants the Prince herself so plots to use Mariel for her own wicked gain.